CEWOOD continues its green drive and receives the Green Excellence Award

The World Environment Day has been celebrated every year since 1972. The UN started this tradition to raise global awareness of environmental issues. To honour this tradition, in 2015, the State Environmental Service established the Green Excellence Award. This year, companies that have actively taken steps to reduce the environmental impact of their operations were once again recognised as having achieved environmental excellence, with CEWOOD among the winners.

Ingars Ūdris, CEWOOD Board Member stated: “We are truly proud that CEWOOD has received the Green Excellence Award in the manufacturing industry for its contribution to the circular economy. Since the award was established, more than 100 companies have received it. All these companies have distinguished themselves by their ability to meet environmental requirements at the highest level, by taking decisive action on their own initiative to reduce the environmental impact of their operations, and by making a significant contribution to public education and environmental awareness. It is an honour to be among the winners.”

CEWOOD is a company with great ambitions and sets far-reaching goals for its development, including building a new factory and continuously working on sustainability and environmental issues. “It is very rewarding to be recognised for our achievements, but we do not allow ourselves to rest on our laurels and we are pleased to announce that just a few weeks after receiving the Green Excellence Award, we achieved our next goal — the ISO 14001 certification,” the CEWOOD Board Member announced.

ISO 14001 is an environmental management certification built on the grounds of risk analysis aiming to reduce the use of natural resources and curtail the damage to soil, water, and air.
An organisation which has received an Environmental Management System certificate has determined its environmental impact, assessed the results, taken ownership of the problems and implemented measures to prevent environmental pollution. At the same time, this means that it continues to make improvements regarding the environment.

“Nevertheless, our achievements in environmental protection and indoor comfort do not stop here, as we have just been awarded the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification — one of the most important low-emission labels in the world. This label combines all major European regulations and most voluntary labels for volatile organic compound emissions caused by products, bringing together the most stringent requirements in the EU in one single label. The certified panels are deemed low-emitting and once again demonstrate that CEWOOD panels provide a healthy and favourable indoor climate. We make no compromises when it comes to indoor comfort and the environment,” stresses Ingars Ūdris

ISO 14001 and Indoor Air Comfort Gold are the latest certifications that CEWOOD has achieved, demonstrating the company’s understanding of the importance of the environment and its commitment to sustainability. Among other certificates, CEWOOD has obtained the certificate showing that the company uses 100% green electricity produced in Latvia, a Natureplus certificate that certifies the sustainability and quality of building materials and their compliance with requirements regarding health, environmental friendliness, and functionality, as well as other certificates. CEWOOD is currently actively working on Cradle to Cradle certification — a sustainability label providing a guarantee to the end user that the materials used are safe for human health and the environment at all stages of use.

Photo: State Environmental Service Republic of Latvia